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The resort area "Imereti"

Address: Russia, Sochi and region

Floors: 3 - 8

Distance to the sea: 0.1 km

Pool: есть

Availability: new building

View offers: Apartment, flat с отделкой

Price: 4 000 000 - 30 000 000


Detailed information

The resort area "Imereti" is located in the protected area - the Imereti Valley, where the sea and the mountains helped create a special microclimate, which together with the proximity to the Olympic infrastructure provides ideal conditions for year-round use. The valley is still described in the guidebooks of the 19th century as one of the most interesting places on the coast. The resort area "Imereti" is surrounded by unspoilt nature: in the immediate vicinity of the resort is the arboretum, where it grows a lot of rare plants, and in the district over 20 hectares occupies ornithological park with lakes, nesting birds listed in the Red Book.

Therefore, special attention was paid to the construction of the preservation of the unique nature of these places. Thanks to the hard work of architects, designers, ecologists and engineers, "Imereti" was twice the winner of Green Awards for the conformity of the highest requirements in terms of environmental and energy efficiency.

In scale "Imereti" can rightly be called a city in which realized the ideal environment that combines tranquility with the dynamic rhythm. Here, everything is thought out and logically organized. In the "Imereti" is spacious and safe for your children, parents relaxed and carefree you.

All communications
Developed infrastructure


The resort area "Imereti" - a new offer of holiday homes on the Black Sea coast.

It was built not far from Sochi in the Imereti Valley - the road to the city center, the international airport of Adler, or the ski slopes of Krasnaya Polyana will not take much time.

The resort is located on a vast park area - an abundance of green space provides privacy and clean air and protects from the noise of passing close to highways.

Apartments in the complex "Imereti"

The whole complex is divided into several sections with different architectural style, especially infrastructure and Apartments:

  • "The park" - located in the eastern part of the complex. Its size is about 6 hectares. It is being built 16 buildings of varied height (3-6 storeys). They offer a total of 470 apartments. Feature - Private courtyard with sports and children's playgrounds, swimming pools and recreational areas;
  • "Coastal" - bordered by the promenade and also occupies an area of ​​approximately 6 hectares. 12 seven-story building designed in Mediterranean style, they settled in 1128 apartments of various sizes and layouts. The first floor is designed for shops, restaurants and cafes, offices, service centers. Landscaping yards also includes swimming pools, sports and children's playgrounds;
  • "Timeless" - premium apartments large area (a total of 235), located eight raznoetazhnyh buildings. Large balconies, windows, green terraces of the first floor - the distinctive features of this most private and secluded corner of the resort. Its territory is 4 hectares;
  • "Sea" - is located in the western part of the complex, and goes straight to the beach. Total area - 9 hectares, 23 buildings for a total of 895 apartments. First floor - apartment with its own entrance and front gardens, as well as an extensive service infrastructure.

The infrastructure of the resort complex "Imereti"

The resort complex "Imereti" offers owners of apartments a very great opportunities for a relaxing and comfortable stay.

In addition, green areas, over which experts worked on landscape design, with ponds, pergolas, walking paths, creates a special atmosphere.

Construction is carried out, and next to the complex. So, in the near future it will be available to residents:

  • A huge sports arena
  • The largest exhibition center
  • Center shopping and entertainment
  • Yacht Club with marina for 650 vessels
  • Adventure Park in the style of Russian fairy tales, which will be interesting for both children and adults.
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