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In Sochi again deceived shareholders


In the Adler district of the city, broke another scandal, the cause of which - an unfinished house and defrauded real estate investors. On the street, located above Kostroma, a three-storied unfinished. The developer did not complete the work because he was sentenced to prison. In addition, part of the house was built, literally, out of clay.

People have bought apartments in the house, when the construction is in preparation area. First contributions were sent to the LCD "Emerald", later - a private individual. With the consent of holders developer redesigned all documents to yourself as a person. A little later this plot was divided into parts and resold to others.

The result was that the land belongs to one under unfinished parties, the building itself - the other, and the developer is in prison in a similar case. Before his arrest, E. Devil (developer) was able to collect money from new shareholders, but where are they - is unknown. Deceived people went to the police.

As told deputy mayor Sergei Jurin, in this situation it is very difficult to help people. By law defrauded real estate investors are only those citizens who have invested in the construction permit. And then the developer has not been any documents giving the right to work.

In the past year by the resort was initiated action for the unauthorized demolition of a three-storey building. People are in a panic and want their money back by any means.

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