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In Spain, revives the secondary housing market

The data for February 2015 indicate that prices for second homes in Spain for the month rose by 0.2%, amounting to 1,590 euros per square meter. In the same year-on-year cost of "the secondary" grew by 4.3%.
Increase in the price leader in the secondary real estate became Madrid, where prices rose by an average of 1.3%. Followed by Andalusia (0.9%) and the Canary Islands (0.8%). But the most significant drop in prices for "secondary" recorded in these autonomous communities as Extremadura, where the decline was 1% and Asturias (-0.7%) and the Basque Country (-0.5%).
It is worth noting that the Basque country - are still the most expensive region. Here square meter is estimated at 2,630 euros. Second and third places belong to Madrid and Catalonia (2330 euro / sqm and 1,870 euro / sq.m respectively). But leadership in housing affordability belongs to Castile-La Mancha (980 euro / sq.m) Extremadura (1,000 euros / sq.m) and Murcia (1,070 euro / sq m).
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