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Buying a property in India - a guarantee of multiple increase in the cost


India has always attracted the Europeans with its mystery and mystique. Not surprisingly, many are becoming modest homes or luxury villas. After all, life here is pretty cheap, and real estate, compared to many European countries, is mere penny. And if we add to this a climate of paradise, it becomes clear popular Indian resort real estate buyers.

Currently, the most popular destination among Russians who have bought or intend to buy a property in India is Goa. There is just a huge choice of accommodation. There are luxury villas on the coast and picturesque houses in local villages, and homes of family type. The cost of a modest house starts from 15-20 thousand dollars, family type will cost 30-45 thousand dollars, and for a luxury villa will have to pay not less than 100-130 thousand dollars.

For registration of real estate buyer, the purchase of a natural person, must present a passport, but when you buy a legal entity must show founding documents of the firm.

"Real estate in India is popular for the reason that investment in the purchase of housing - it is usually a guarantee of multiple increase in property values ​​over the next five years. After all, the price is still constantly growing - says the head of the agency for the sale of foreign real estate," Leda-3 "Mary Boytsova. - The legislation allows the purchase of real estate in India for a foreign individual or legal entity. If we talk about the procedure of registration, the notarial deed of transfer of ownership and a certificate of ownership of immovable property shall be certified only by a notary. It must be remembered that before the transaction notary submitted a certificate of absence of "burdens" of the object. It must be legally completely "clean". The certificate also confirms the object belongs to the seller. Do not forget that a very important document is also a state valuation of the object. It is issued by the territorial tax service. Some overlook the need to pay so-called stamp duty - it must be done prior to the check. But if the buyer has not paid the fee, then it imposes penalties - 2% per month of the amount of the transaction. "

In general, the process of purchasing property in India for an individual is very troublesome, and requires at all stages of the personal presence of the buyer. Also, the buyer will have to stand in line at the registration authorities, as well as to pay stamp duty. And since 2002 the buyer and seller together with two witnesses photographed and fingerprinted. These procedures take at least a month.

According to the current law in India, a foreigner can buy property only if he has lived in the country for more than 182 days, and comply with the conditions of their stay in the country, adopted at registration entry documents.

"Many Russians scary red tape surrounding the purchase of Indian real estate. Therefore, many make out the purchase of a legal entity. It is necessary to pay approximately $ 1,500 and attorney begins preparation of documents for the registration of the company - says Maria Boytsova. - The buyer must personally attend the signing of constituent documents. Usually, the registration process takes 15-20 days. After that, the company can immediately arrange property. The only "but" - one of the founders must be a Hindu. Accordingly, the formal property belongs to the company. It is clear that the person for the job will choose the lawyer. But this It does not mean that in the future there will be no problems. So I would advise to arrange the purchase of real estate to an individual. It is even more troublesome, but much more reliable. "

Do not forget that the property owner must be prepared to pay the annual tax, levied on all real estate. The taxable base for companies is the book value of the property for individuals - the price of real estate, which is determined by the local tax office.

Monthly meter readings by paid expended water, electricity. Telephone calls are paid by the hour, including intercity. Also, the property owner must be oplachivatbytovuyu cleaning. The amount of payment set by local authorities; usually on residential buildings. Private housing is taxed based on its value. The higher the price of a property, the vyshenalog. Well, if the owner of the property a little delayed payment of taxes, he immediately "include" penalties.

And there is also a municipal tax, which is levied by the local authorities, depending on the size of the property. The tax covers the cost of cleaning and garbage collection, as well as spending on street lighting.

With regard to the Indian real estate market, it will develop without ups and downs, prices rise almost will not. Because if the cost of housing starts to rise, many Russians refuse to buy houses here and would prefer a more European countries are neighbors.

George Trushin
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