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Real estate in Spain on the cheap


The Spanish construction industry, feeling the bottom, began to recover. Positive news from the country for the second year in a row. Let's see what and how much you can buy today in Spain .


The first sign of recovery - the increase in the number of transactions. The contribution made by foreign investors, who are "on the bottom" have increased their purchasing activity twice, and the locals remembered the housing problem. The output was recorded sales growth in the property sector 16% in the quarter and 9% per year.

The second sign of growth - freezes "Fund" bank of real estate - apartments, which were selected banks in case of default on mortgage payments. In doing so, banks have ceased to hold auctions generosity, selling at a huge discount, they inherited the balance of the housing unmarketable.

Spanish developers also get up from his knees - increasing the amount of new housing supply. Finally, go to the growth phase of the construction industry prevent problems in the economy. In particular, the unemployment rate, which is still too high. But recent statistics say that jobs began to appear more than a year ago, and that this trend is going to be long-term.

"Dumping proposals are mainly distributed in the secondary market, ie. A. New housing put into operation, corresponds to the modern standards of construction and will therefore be more expensive. However, some facilities do not subside in value, due to the good quality of construction, location, infrastructure and t. e., "- said Natalia Zavalishin, CEO MIEL-DPM.

At the same time she said that discounts can not speak, too, may point discount in the secondary market, but only on condition that the sellers themselves are very interested in selling its facilities.

According prian.ru, citing data from the Ministry of Economy of Spain, the government program to attract wealthy foreigners working quite effectively. Since 2013, a residence permit in Spain, received five thousand people who filled up the state budget € 3 billion. In particular, the 3120 "Visa Gold" went to immigrants, submit a business plan investments in Spain. Another 530 cards have been issued to investors (490 of them have acquired real estate). The rest of the applicants' relatives had received a residence permit.

Judging by the statistics, it is the foreigners started the process of change in the local real estate market. On the most popular destinations overseas buyers reached a figure of 40%, and in general, the country they bought 12% of for sale residential units. By "most popular" are the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and the Canary Islands .

Many buyers have decided to cash in on the lease. The annual yield of rental housing in Spain is not too high - a little more than 5% per annum. The most promising in this respect, the Canary Islands, Alicante and small towns near Barcelona.

Although the most expensive housing in Spain has one address - Catalonia, Barcelona . The average cost per square meter in 2015, the Catalan capital is forecast idealista.com be 3240 euros. As a respectable area of ​​Barcelona you can find two bedroom apartments in good condition, for 150-200 thousand. Euro.

But expect to 250-300 thousand euros. It is this figure will almost guarantee that you will find an apartment that suits you. Living easier, and without ambition is cheaper, acceptable options can be found for 70-80 thousand euros. But it will be a bedroom community, remote from the city center.

Real Estate Costa Brava

An alternative to city life - buy property on the north coast resorts of Costa Dorada and Costa Brava . On the one hand, this is one of the most developed parts of Catalonia. There is excellent rail and bus links, and there is high-speed track N II (trans-European highway A7), allowing 2-3 hours to get to France.

A few words about the disadvantages. They also have. First of all - high prices. North Catalonia is a developed and industrially and for tourism, here in search of work attracts people from other areas of the country. That is, the demand for property there.

The most massive proposals - the apartments economy class and 80 th. Euros. For the most part, this is a house built 30-40 years ago, or put up for sale one of the banks that sell "toxic" property. In order to find a decent option it is necessary to spend a lot of time searching. Or immediately agree that purchased an apartment will have to make costly repairs. And if the apartment is a bank, it is likely to be cut off from the city communications, ie. a. debts to the utilities from defaulters there before.

Single Business Apartment in Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava) to "secondary housing" on the first line sold at a price of 100 thousand. Euros, two bedroom apartments in the city in a car accessibility to the sea, an area of 75-90 square meters. m. exhibited for 160-180 thousand euros. Near the sea, such property will cost 20% more expensive.

In addition, according to Zavalishin, on the Costa Brava, prices rise as we approach the border with France . For example, the average price of Blanes villa is 400 thousand. Euros, and in the more prestigious Playa de Aro is not less than 2 million euros.

To the south of Barcelona property more affordable. The Costa Dorada , conceding the Costa Brava on the picturesque, benefits from wide sandy beaches. Costa Dorada - is, above all, the region of mass tourism and economy hotels.

The season is crowded, noisy and restless. In winter, small towns are empty and evoke nostalgia. The most popular resort on the Costa Dorada - Salou. One bedroom apartments on this coast are from 75 th. To 120 thousand. Euro.

Real Estate Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca - is an endless strip of beaches province of Alicante, as well as the most accessible coast for overseas buyers with a relatively small budget. They have a good opportunity to enhance the proficiency of housing, bought himself Townhouses unpretentious apartment or a decent house instead of the chalet.

It was in Alicante most travelers arrive from different countries, there is a large international airport.

The city with excellent infrastructure, excellent promenade near the port, many attractions, including natural - Mount Santa Barbara. Offer great.

Be careful with the bank real estate, most of the apartment from the bank are in old houses built in the 50-60s. Bank real estate - it's always a lottery. Of the dozen options proposed realtor relatively normal can be one or two. It is interesting that, according to the current practice in Spain, these apartments are the keys to the intermediary bank sends by mail in an envelope. Sometimes, the key can not come to the castle, and an interesting option will disappear by itself. So if you look expensive while better offers from the owners.

Cheap property for sale in Alicante, on average, 50-60 thousand euros for the two-three-bedroom apartment of 80 sq.m. New in the prestigious areas of Albufera, SantVicentdelRaspeig, Benalua, Floridaalto, Floridabajo etc.. Will cost 100-120 thousand euros. Disadvantaged areas are considered: Juan XXIII, Les Virgen del Remedio, Colonia Requena, Los-Angeles.

Realtors advised to come to the examinations in the autumn or winter, when all the tourists had left, and there is no heat, you can safely move around the city.

It deserves special attention, and another popular resort in the Costa Blanca - Benidorm. This is the resort town vysokoetazhny Europe, at the time the local authorities decided to make his own here and built up the coast of Florida skyscrapers. Bet on proven experience paid off in full, all of the many hotels and apartments in the season loaded almost 100%.

But in terms of the authenticity of the resort loses to competitors on the other side, the old town is small and maloprimechatelny. On the other hand in the vicinity of Benidorm is one of the largest theme parks in Spain - Terra Mitica, has its own water park - Aqualandia - with all the attendant entertainment. Add to this an active night life, and once it becomes clear that this city is most like the young and restless. But the rest of the input is not ordered.

Single apartment of 60 sq.m. in a new building with nice views sold at a price of 150 thousand euros on the "secondary housing" price tag smaller - from 100 thousand euros. According to the department of foreign real estate agencies Stan, if you put the goal is to find something cheaper, you can find studio apartments of 50 thousand euros and apartments from 70,000 euros. But with the appropriate footage - 30-40 squares, no more. Or will it be a bank apartment far from the sea in the area, requiring repairs.

In the south of the Costa Blanca is simpler, much hotter and housing costs are much lower. You can settle in Guardamar, Orihuela, Santa field, but for those who want to come to live in the low season, it is worth remembering that in the winter the population of small towns is reduced by several times, and then though quiet, but pretty boring.

Where will never get bored, because it is in Torrevieja , which draws its unusual nature: salt lakes, orange groves. In Torrevieja only 46% of the population - Spaniards, and 54% - foreign. Koh there only - the British, the Swedes, the Dutch, Norwegians, Germans, immigrants from Latin America and Africa. This colorful national fabric woven yarn and Russian. Ours here more than 3 million people, has its own television, your radio, and a lot of his own. They come here mostly buyers from the Russian provinces. The explanation is simple - there cheapest accommodation, close to the sea and in the new houses. Even in a crisis the construction site loaded at full capacity.

The quality of housing is quite average, but you can buy a fully furnished apartment, and then deposit them in the season. The demand is quite large. According to realtors cost of rent in Torrevieja in the last year increased by 10%. With a budget of 50 thousand euros you can count on studio and one-bedroom apartments, within walking distance from the beaches. In urbanization with swimming pool price rises to 60-70 thousand euros.

Real Estate Costa Calida and Costa del Azahar

On hot Spanish coast has a particularly hot spot - is Costa Calida. No wonder this region, which belongs to the geographical alignment of Murcia and is located midway from Valencia to Aragon, and somewhere in the middle between Castile and Andalusia, called "hot beach".

Orchards virtually Valencian, plains - a direct reference to the Don Cervantes, with his Don Quixote, who fought on the dusty plains of his native La Mancha windmills.

And here is the sultry climate, which is only in the Andalusian regions. Mountains reliably harbor Costa Calida from the winter cold wind, the sea is warm and cold currents passed through this blessed place. Sandy beaches stretch for more than two hundred kilometers.

Because of the dangers of Costa Calida note Activity crust. Murcia often "shakes", but the massive destruction of buildings did not have until now. In most of Murcia and Cartagena (who among us has not read novels about pirates and adventures at sea) Activity buyers rather moderate.

But Costa Calida has a business card, a natural artifact. On the north coast is a sandy spit that separates the Mediterranean Sea and the expanse of the largest European lagoon - Mar Menor. Living between two seas is from 180 thousand euros for two bedroom apartments, the developers promise to help with the mortgage.

Costa del Azahar - "Orange Coast" has its origins in the south of Catalonia and almost rests against Valencia. All over a hundred kilometers of happiness. Remember "Love for Three Oranges"? There are thousands of them.

Capital orange coast - industrial Kastelon- de la Plana, founded in the 13th century and survived Napoleon's invasion in the 19th century. Oliva, Moraira and Denia resemble suburban residence of the wealthy: the pine wood, pebble beach and crystal clear sea. Denia - a sign of quality in the world of bohemia. The village of artists, arts reserve. Moraira loved two historically rival nation - the English and the Spaniards. The British buy there townhouses and Chalet (that the rest of Europe called chalets) and rent them coming on holiday and whimsical white-skinned Valencia Real Madrid.

Gandia is known that prefer to move to the Lithuanian middle class, changing the cold waters of the Baltic Sea to Middle-earth warm.

Sagunto deprived bourgeois gloss, the beaches of this town are democratic and simple, but the city itself has a well-preserved fortress, which became a stronghold of the Carthaginians during the Punic Wars, which must every time to take by storm, climbing the narrow, winding trail in the mountains.

Buildings are low-rise: townhouses, chalets and villas. Price Apartments overlooking the sea begins from 120 thousand euros, "Chalet" are 300 thousand euros, and the villa for less than half a million euros is not easy to find.

Real Estate Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol - a real fancy Ferrari on the elite of Spanish property. The boundaries of the coast stretching from Malaga to Marbella. Hollywood actors, moneybags from the Gulf countries willing to invest in these lands. Buy mansions, yachts, golf clubs and golf courses. Spaniards jokingly call it the Costa del Golf.

It is clear that Russian rich have long found the key to the heart of the Costa del Sol. The capital reserve of billionaires - Marbella they bought the most expensive house, built the most expensive Russian colleges, and took part in a couple of grand corruption scandals involving money laundering. Out of all the fact that the mayor of Marbella personally promised the inhabitants of the town of tranquility and respectability. The bad guys were deported, police mobilized. Now here is peace and quiet.


And the average price of housing, with the luxurious mansions, begins from 450 thousand euros, and the price does not fall, and grow. However, if you try to buy one-bedroom apartments of 250 thousand euros. But it will be lodging at a decent distance from the sea. On the edge of the coast will have to part with 1-1.5 million euros.

At about the same layout in Puerto Banus. The average price per square meter has passed for 5,000 euros. The townhouses with a total area of 100-150 meters are 400 thousand euros, house business class willing to pay for half a million in the European currency, but the real Villa is just one million.

However, to buy a house or apartment can be not only in Marbella but in Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Estepona, or. According pisos.com, the average cost facility from 110 thousand euros in Estepona up to 200 thousand euros - in Fuengirola.

There are many private settlements with all necessary infrastructure. In 2-3 km from the sea, in one of the many golf communities you can bargain and buy for 100 thousand euros bedroom apartments. But we must understand that without a car here to do nothing.

We draw up documents

Before you buy a Spanish property, evaluate its cost on specialized sites for the sale of property idealista.com, pisos.com, fotocasa.es. Prices are on the Spanish owners, selling a house directly, and they are often quite different from those that offer real estate agents. Extra trump card in negotiations on the value of the property has not prevented anyone.

Once the house was found, signed a contract of sale and the buyer makes up one third of the cost of future housing as an advance. In parallel, an account is opened in the Spanish bank therefrom will be charged the remaining 70% of the required amount. In the future, this account is convenient to pay taxes, communal and other services. To open an account, you need to present your passport bank clerk.

Any real estate deal in Spain takes place with the participation of a notary. The signature of the notary on the contract formalizes the transfer of ownership of property to the new owner. You can save money on airline tickets and make a deal by proxy. Tax and stamp duty payable for the month.

Purchase Costs

VAT when buying property For the primary real estate - 10%; secondary real estate - 7% of the purchase price
Stamp duty 1% of the transaction amount
Gos. fees and notary services About 2% of the value of
Legal fees About 1% of the transaction amount
The fee for registration of an alien identification number 10 euros

Source: MIEL-DPM

According to MIEL-DPM, it is worth remembering that the sale of foreign owners of Spanish property to its price added VAT. If the object is sold in a year - the rate is 35%, if in a few years - the tax does not exceed 18%.

Exploiting and renting

The list of the expenses of the apartment or house included: payment of a parking space, security, cleaning the pool, and plenty of additional services which list each of urbanization own.

Property tax 0.5-2% of the cadastral value of the property
Utility fees for residents of apartments and houses with a collective area (garbage collection, cleaning, security, etc.) From 300 euros to 800 euros per year, depending on the level of urbanization
Utility charges for individual houses outside the urbanization not available
Electricity and water supply 100-200 euro per month for a family of 3 persons; 17-30 euros per month - minimum payments, regardless of whether or not the empty housing
Services of gardener (private homes) 80-200 euros per month
Cleaning swimming pools (for private houses) 200-600 euro
Telephone and Internet About 40 euros per month
Insurance (for the amount of the object) From 350 euros per year

Source: MIEL-DPM

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