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Real estate in Crimea - new investment opportunities


After the announcement of the decision to join the Crimean Russian considerably brightened the demand for real estate. Already, Russia plans to the flow of investment in the development of the peninsula that will sposobtvovat interested buyers.

Revision portal DomNaMore.ru asked the real estate market experts pressing questions:

  1. What is the average cost per square meter in the resort area of ​​the Crimea? What is the ratio of the value of property and the Krasnodar territory?
  2. As far as real estate prices rise after the occurrence of the Crimea to Russia?
  3. As happens in such cases, the conveyance of property?
  4. Will deal with property recognized under international law, provided the Crimea will be considered occupied territory by the international community?
  5. Do Crimea attractive for private investors?

Vardan Poghosyan , director of marketing TEKTA GROUP
Yuri Pankov , senior appraiser SWISS APPRAISAL in Russia and CIS
Maria Litinetskaya , CEO of "Metrium Group"
Denis Bobkov , head of the analytical center of JSC "OPIN"
Dubovenko Alexander , founder of GOOD WOOD

Vardan Poghosyan, director of marketing TEKTA GROUP

1. Speaking of buildings within the South Coast - about 47 thousand rubles per square meter. In big cities, housing is cheaper, an average of 32 thousand rubles for a "square." In Krasnodar Territory, the average cost per square meter - about 56 thousand rubles, but in the resort areas of higher prices, especially road now Sochi - meter on average worth 98 thousand rubles.

2. On the next two years the real estate market of the Crimea, likely to expect a lull - buyers want certainty in the legal and technical issues associated with the acquisition of real estate in the country. At least this period of transition, during which the territory of the region will act as Russian laws and Crimean last until January 2015 - is provided in the agreement on the adoption of the Crimean Republic in the Russian Federation.

Given the statements by Russian authorities of Russia's readiness to develop Crimea, prices after the settlement of legal issues can begin to grow. In the long term, 10-15 years, real estate here can surpass the value of the Krasnodar - unless, of course, the level of service and infrastructure on the peninsula will be able to lift up to Krasnodar.

In general, the situation with the Crimea now reminds Abkhazia, which also had problems with the status - her recall, it took more than 10 years to achieve better economies of serious tourist traffic. True, the Crimea has the advantage compared with the republic - there are more Russian-speaking population, the Russians have always considered the peninsula "his" and probably will become more willing to shelter here.

4. International law provides that ownership of the property, including real estate, subject to the law of the State where the property is located. Thus, property rights must be prepared in accordance with Russian legislation. This should be carried out cadastral registration of real estate appraisal and their cadastral registration of rights to immovable property registry. According to statements by the Crimean authorities, the procedure in the Crimea will be free.

However, if the international community recognizes the Crimea disputed or occupied territory, it is possible that bought homes on the peninsula after the accession of the republic of the Russian Federation, there can be problems in the future. Under international law, real estate transactions in such territory shall be deemed invalid, allowing the Ukrainian authorities and citizens to challenge them in court. It is possible that the situation will be similar to what is happening in North Cyprus, occupied by Turkey: at risk will be all the objects on the legal documents that were issued after the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Acquisition of such real estate Ukrainian authorities or citizens will be able to challenge in Court of Human Rights, and as the experience of Northern Cyprus, the court often stands on the side of the former owner of the land or real estate.

5. Individual investors certainly prefer to wait until the peninsula will be set up some infrastructure issues are resolved with water and energy, adjusted for transport links with Russia. Perhaps the first time, private investment in the region will be carried out by entrepreneurs, rather calculated to improve the image and strengthening links with the authorities than real income - talking about this application builder and Chechen tatarskihpredprinimateley. It is possible that the wave of jingoism in the Crimea come small investors for whom a business or property in the country newfound become an occasion for personal pride. Likely to take place not less than 3-4 years before in the Crimea will be stability and transparency expected by investors entering the market.

Yuri Pankov, senior appraiser SWISS APPRAISAL in Russia and CIS Yuri Pankov, senior appraiser SWISS APPRAISAL in Russia and CIS

1. The most popular destination for Russian investor is Simferopol. The reason - the infrastructure. The only minus Simferopol for any investor - no sea outside - distance of 50 km from the coast makes you think the buyer of coastal Yalta, Sudak, and perhaps even Sevastopol. Less-developed infrastructure, there is compensated with excess thus view from the window. Thus, no more than twice the beach reduces prices Simferopol subjects against the same Yalta. 1000 - 1500 USD per 1 sq. m apartment in Simferopol attract those who are happy to spend 1 hour by car to the coast and save from the same 1000 USD per 1 sq. m, abandoning the purchase for example in Massandra.

Prices for new Yalta inflated twice. Accordingly expedient Yalta apartment primary market area of, say, 50 m and $ 250 000 USD, Simferopol prefer the same area for 75 or 000 USD for the same 250 000 USD, but, respectively, from 150 sq. m and wider. Attractiveness of Yalta is more in the 60-70s of the 20th century - the peak of popularity vacationers. Times change, and there is no infrastructure in Yalta. Young investor today more Stalin-houses and sanatoriums nests attract financial Bargain with Simferopol. And neighbors Yalta - Alushta, Alupka - significantly cheaper.

In the secondary market, the focus should be given to Simferopol - the most promising infrastructural city of Crimea - from 1000 USD per 1 sq.m. Simferopol may prefer Pike (1 500 USD) and Alushta (from 1 500 USD). Alushta Earth today are more expensive in comparison with the lands in Mishore or Gaspra, where secondary market apartments above Alushta by 10-20%. Accordingly, the prospects for growth in prices there are more pronounced in the future. Yalta - less obvious market potential of the investment - cheaper to buy in the secondary housing adjacent Alupka.

Property resort part of Krasnodar Krai Crimean significantly more expensive. The situation will be aligned in terms of more dynamic growth of prices in the Crimea. However, this perspective 2015-2017 period. Tensions in 2013 will not allow rosy look at the dynamics of the prices of the current year.

2. Obviously, prices will rise. But not immediately. This Outlook 2015-2017 period. In addition, the investment projects of the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region on the orders of superior Crimean projects. Unfolding of major development projects in the Crimea - the initiative nor the next year or two.

3. Rather did. Reasonable owner waits official pronouncements, and will not rush into the pool with their legal literacy. Hurry with registration and re-registration of real estate today is not needed.

4. Their minimum number will soon. Nobody wants to risk not. Legitimacy of procedures and transactions - question reel lawmaking. Perspective - predictable, but not accelerated reduction of the powers of the real estate of the Crimea to Russia.

5. Today, most do not. That the investor chooses, spreading their money conditional 150,000 EUR? Studio in Spain or in the Crimea? Rather, the first! Market in anticipation. Sellers are not in a hurry, and if need try their best to exceed the cost of the proposal. Buyers and willing to do anything until all the issues will not be resolved and procedures (including the legal sense). Question the attractiveness of the Crimea as the real estate market - the question in 2015.

Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of "Metrium Group" Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of "Metrium Group"

1. Average price of residential real estate on the peninsula is 30-35 thousand rubles per square meter. m In the resort area it reaches 45-50 thousand rubles per square meter. m

2. Within a short period of time (4-6 months) in some resort areas can expect a high speculative price increases, which will be more based on emotions. In the future, if the government will develop the Crimea and, for example, to upgrade existing infrastructure or build new facilities, we can expect prices to rise at 6-8% for the year. But once on the peninsula will investors who will implement their projects for the construction of holiday homes, the dynamics of price increases may accelerate. And then prices may rise by 20-30% within a short period of time.

3. Such precedents (accession of the other hand in the present conditions) was not there, so it's hard to say, as will be the conveyance of property. It is unknown how work will be organized at all registration authorities in Crimea. Perhaps legislation will be a simplified procedure for renewal.

4. Yet the international community in general for the most part do not recognize the fact of the Crimea to Russia. Therefore, to speak of any real estate transactions prematurely. In the current environment, I do not see how you can, for example, to make the transaction of purchase and sale of property.

Denis Bobkov, head of the analytical center of JSC "OPIN"

1. According to statistics, the Russians in the Crimea prefer real estate business and the elite class costs 1000-1200 euros per square meter. m (50 000 - 60 000 rubles / sqm). When this preference is given to Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Gurzuf, walleye, Livadia, Foros, etc.

Average cost of economy class in Crimea starts from 500 EUR / sq.m, moreover you can find very cheap deals on the secondary market.

For comparison, in Gelendzhik average price per square meter in the building is 44 100 rubles / m (870 euro or 1200 USD), and in Sochi - about 79 300 rubles / sqm (1570 euros or 2190 USD). That is what is now the Russians buy in the Crimea is located approximately midway between Sochi and Gelendzhik.

2. According to our forecasts, after entering the Crimea to Russia, the demand for real estate in the peninsula and prices will rise by an average of 20% (up to the end of the year are expected to be settled by the inclusion of the main issues the Crimea in the Russian Federation). With successful implementation of the project to build a bridge across the Kerch Strait (after 3-4 years), this figure will increase - up to 30-40%. Further growth will occur as infrastructure, which needs a very active region. Russia plans large amounts of investment in the development of resort infrastructure, transport, communications (what in recent years lacked funds Crimea). This will further increase the attractiveness of the region and as a result, real estate prices.

3. Renewal of ownership will take place in accordance with Russian legislation.

4. We hope that over time, the international community recognizes the Crimea as Russian territory. But now because Crimea interesting mainly Russian investors do not think they will wait for this moment and begin to invest. In addition, Crimea became a Russian territory, eventually became much more stable region than the region of Ukraine, so soon you can expect an increase in activity on the part of Ukrainian investors.

5. Attractiveness to Russian investors Crimea after its transition under Russian jurisdiction has significantly improved, as it directly affected the stability of the region. In addition, after entering the Crimea in the Russian Federation will take effect here Russian tax system, and now investment transactions on the peninsula for Russian investors become more profitable.

5. Crimean peninsula - is a unique area in terms of natural resources. There are mountains, sea, rivers, salt lakes, woodlands. And all this is not scattered, as, for example, in the Krasnodar region, and is located very compact. The region has significant land resources. Before the crisis, it was announced here a lot of interesting projects, which, unfortunately, were subsequently frozen. However, free sites remained. In addition, in the Crimea, in fact, no modern resort property - mainly pensions located here, built during the Soviet period. Therefore, developers Crimea - a goldmine. If after joining the government come up with a program for the development of the region (such as was the case with the New Moscow), allocate specific budgetary resources, the real estate market of the Crimea will definitely receive a new impetus. But only on the condition that both the authorities and private investors will make appropriate efforts to develop the region. This is possible on the basis of public-private partnership. For example, the government may take over the building of road transport infrastructure - and investors of property and various commercial properties.

Dubovenko Alexander, founder of GOOD WOOD Dubovenko Alexander, founder of GOOD WOOD

1. Until now, the cost was significantly lower than for comparable product differed about half. We expect that the natural rates for two years, probably equal.

2. We expect growth of around 30-40% within two years.

3. Conveyance of property will be entirely conventional manner, as is customary under Russian law. Now it is coming to Ukrainian legislation. Everyone will need to obtain new documents a new model for some time.

4.'s Hard to say. I think not, it is a matter of negotiation. Including this, too will depend on growth rates or lack of growth. This is a very important question. If not recognized in other states this property, furthermore, can be antisanktsii, if you have real estate in Crimea, then you will not get a loan or can not buy real estate abroad, even some possible options. Of course, everything will depend on how the property was to be recognized by international institutions, so to speak.

5. Course. If he will develop in the optimistic scenario, which including and we hope it will definitely be appealing. Stable growth of real estate prices and the possibility of putting it in the lease. If Crimea will develop ... If so, it is clear that the state is ready to support the investments of the Crimea, of course, increase the flow of tourists in Crimea in all ways. The result will be profitable to invest in everything connected with the Crimea

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