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On the international real estate exhibition «MPIRES» virtual reality helps profitable to buy real estate


24 and March 25, 2017 a major exhibition "MPIRES" foreign real estate will be held at the Moscow Expocentre (5 Pavilion).

The exhibition is attended by representatives of companies from more than 30 countries, including - countries with the most favorable for the residents of Russia offers: Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic and many others. Also will present new attractive investment destinations.

One of the key projects in the exhibition will be the new trend of recent years - the presentation of real estate in the form of virtual reality. Company General VR (the official partner of Samsung, Fibrum and Sony) will show all the possibilities of using virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality for the real estate market.

According to the analytical data for the 2016 Goldman Sachs Investment year *, virtual reality technology are promising to develop and actively used in various spheres of the coming years. This technology is used not only for the video game and film industry, but also widely used for sales, education, health, military, industry, real estate sales and design. Goldman Sachs in a report included in the nine sectors of the real estate market, which VR and AR beginning to have a tangible impact.

Active growth and interest in these technologies due to the speed and ease demonstrating various properties to potential buyers. First, Realtors and builders are attracted opportunity to demonstrate the planned facilities. Second, the cost of these projects is quite small, which increases the interest in their use.

For example, VR-technology useful in the initial stage of the project. Companies can demonstrate the potential investor the project during the construction phase, in which he can walk around and appreciate all its advantages. The client does not need to personally visit the facilities, which makes it possible to save time and money. This is much more informative than the story of a realtor of the object, beautiful text or bright picture. In addition, the use of new technologies makes it possible to reduce the Agency's budget spent on advertising when buying property abroad.

Virtual reality is already widely used in the Russian real estate market. Companies use VR-tours of apartments and local area, holographic models of houses for the presentation of objects at exhibitions, websites and in sales.

Abroad, it is also a fashion trend. For example, VR-technology widely used in the US real estate market. Leading companies are creating applications that offer customers a new format showing off their projects.

According to Goldman Sachs shortly virtual reality devices will become as popular as mobile phones.

For more information about the exhibition can be found on the official website: http://www.mpires.ru.

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