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The results of the 2016 Black Sea Russian real estate market


Crimean real estate is getting cheaper, and Krasnodar, expensive. Is it worth it now to look closely to the Russian coast?

Yalta is losing ground, but does not give up

"When Crimea was included in the Russian real estate on the peninsula began to enjoy great demand, and prices have jerked up - Pavel Lutsenko said the general director of the federal portal" World of apartments. "- However, excessive expectations of the owners did not materialize very quickly this process. inhibited by a number of economic and political factors in the result, in 2016 the majority of the Crimean cities recorded negative dynamics of the average square meter has become "easier" by 2.6% and the average cost of an apartment -.. by 2.2%. "

Of the 17 settlements included in the study, negative growth rates "square" is marked in more than 12 other "sunk" expensive cities: Yalta (-7.5%), Sevastopol (-5.6%), Gaspra (-5, 2%), Simferopol (-5.1%) and Massandra (-4.9%). Positive dynamics of individual locations is less than 2%: Kerch + 1.7%, + 1.5% Saki, Bakhchisaray 1.4%. Yevpatoriya and Simeiz grew by less than 1%.

The average price proposals decreased in 11 of 17. Major cities in all, according to the portal, cheaper housing in Yalta (-6.8%), Bakhchisarai and Saki (-4.9% each), Feodosiya (-4.3%) and Simferopol (-4.1%).

A slight positive trend marked by the cost of apartments in 6 settlements. In Simeiz and Yalta, it was 1.2% and 1% respectively. In other cities the growth of less than 1%.

The most expensive city of the Crimea remains Yalta. Per square meter are asked to average 101,307 rubles, and for the apartment - about 7,058,495 rubles.

The second line is the region of the Big Yalta - Massandra, where the "square" is worth 94 968 rubles, and the apartment is 6,135,542 rubles. The third and fourth places divided between the official capital of Simferopol Crimea (85 868 rub. / Sq. M and 4,797,227 rubles) and the city a special status of Sevastopol (84 849 rub. / Sq. M and 4,988,818 rubles).

Close to him two close neighboring village, separated by mountain Ayu-Dag - Gurzuf (84,653 rubles / sq m and 4,612,221 rubles..) And Partenit (84,410 rubles / sq m and 4,490,751 rubles..).

The cheapest accommodation - in the remote foothills of the coast Bakhchisarai - 32,519 rubles / sq. M. m and 1,650,088 rubles.

"The weak market conditions and economic disadvantage inflated sellers expectations were not supported by adequate demand and investment activity of entrepreneurs, - says Pavel Lutsenko -. Played a role and the complexities involved in the design deals with the Crimean real estate therefore the peninsula rise in prices has stopped in.. early 2016 amid growing demand and lack of mass housing some experts forecast a positive trend, but these predictions did not find support in the real market. "

Sochi continues to build capacity

As for the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, the local market is the second consecutive year is on the rise. During 2016 the price of a "square" has grown on average by 4.7%, while the average cost of the lot - by 4.5%.

Locomotive market is certainly Sochi. After the Olympics, the city was completely renewed infrastructure and the number of new buildings, exceeding the number of proposals on the regular market. Over the year, prices here have risen by 12.2% per square meter, and by 10.1% for the apartment. Sochi "square" now pulls 90 952 rub. / Sq. m and is still inferior to Yalta and Yalta. The apartment is possible to buy an average of 6,110,783 rubles.

The second line takes Gelendzhik, where the annual positive dynamics was 4.4% per square meter, and 5.6% for the offer. Buy an apartment can be an average of 4,330,068 rubles, the price of a "square" - 73 123 rubles. Gelendzhik less urbanized than Sochi, and its many kilometers promenade allows you to build a house with direct access to the sea.

Third place - for the flat Anapa with soft sandy beaches and shallow coastal zone. The city is positioned as a budget resort for families with children. A square meter costs an average of 60,586 rubles, apartment - 3,578,314 rubles. During the year, an increase of 2.7% for a "square", and 2.2% for the lot.

Closes rating of Tuapse, where the cooler climate than in Sochi, and the lower the water temperature. Average prices of local real estate: 54 890 rubles per square meter, and 2,851,583 rubles for the offer. In 2016, "Square" quite a bit dipped (-0.4%), the cost of apartments remained at almost the same level (+ 0.1%).

For the market of resort real estate in Krasnodar Territory in 2016 has been very successful - and in comparison with Crimea and other regions of Russia. The potential for growth in the region, of course. From the Crimea it distinguishes the ongoing large-scale construction in all price segments. So at the edge of the resorts have all the chances to take a leading position in its niche.

Dynamics of apartments in the Crimea price

Source: World Apartments

The dynamics of prices at the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

Source: World Apartments

Alla Nasonova
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