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  • Nereus Residence
    Апартаменты 118 м2 в новом, сдан в ноябре 2019 года, жилом комплексе Nereus Residence класса люкс первой линии.
  • Land on the Azov Sea.
    The land under the individual building and a mini-hotel on the shore of the Azov Sea from 75 000 per hundred square meters.

  • ЖК "Си Лайф"
    Новый жилой комплекс на побережье Лонг Бич. Первая линия. Вид на море и горы.
  • Свадьба в России

    Современные молодые выбирают выездную свадебную церемонию на природе. Это трогательное, красивое и  запоминающееся действие.

  • МФК Новосити
    Комплекс сдан! Первая линия, закрытая территория. Новороссийск
  • Участки в Тамани
    Минимальная цена - 100 тыс. руб за сотку. Коммуникации включены в стоимость участка.

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  • Crimean real estate is getting cheaper, and Krasnodar, expensive. Is it worth it now to look closely to the Russian coast?
  • Calculation of the global value of the property in 2015 gave a huge figure - $ 217 trillion, which is 2.7 times the world GDP and approximately 60% of the cost of traditional financial assets.
  • Watching the trends of development of real estate market in recent years, experts say safe overcoming the crisis period in 2008 and a smooth entry into the crisis of the end of 2014 - 2015.
  • Interest in real estate in the Crimea is huge. However, clearance sales transactions are still fraught with enormous difficulties.
  • Sochi is experiencing a surge in demand for real estate komfort- and business class. Experts advise everyone with an interest, hurry up: proposals quickly go, but the new not yet in sight.
  • Decrease in consumer activity Russians in foreign markets makes there the Realtors wistfully reminisce about "better days." Meanwhile Cypriots, on the other hand, enjoyed an unexpected return of Russian. Does this kind of logic?
  • The share of foreign buyers in the market of the French real estate is growing rapidly. As reported by the figures of the last report, the number of objects in the property sold to foreigners for the first time exceeded the number of transactions made by the French among themselves.
  • Although the holiday season is not over yet, but he is going to end. How had it resorts of Krasnodar Krai, what happened with housing, traditionally give up tourists for rent? Federal portal "WORLD APARTMENTS" preliminary results of the summer.
  • Apparently, the game "to increase" the Spanish real estate market investors - can safely buy champagne: Statistics last official report clearly shows that the market is preparing for his next rise.
  • 2014-08-14 Turkish stability
    In summing up the statistical results of the first half of all Turkish Ministry competed seems only one thing: how it grew in economic performance within their industry. Here, as expected, was no exception Turkish real estate market with its "perpetual engine" as tourism.
  • Dubai market pretty soon recovered from culminating in a two-year crisis in 2010, dropped the square footage of the local housing almost 60% - went into rapid growth. But, fearing another market overheating, authorities found it necessary to enter the emirate series "cools" consumer excitement measures.
  • Statistical indicators of the real estate market in Turkey once again show a positive trend. In contrast to the "mixed trends" in other markets is growing here: tourism, the number of apartments sold, and it is only logical prices.
  • Joining the Crimea to Russia caused abnormally high interest in the estate of the peninsula. Realtors knocks down at shows, agencies phones rang incessantly. In this sober professionals reasonably stated: without transaction logging capabilities - it is not a bargain. Subsequently, both the buyer and the seller will be able to find grounds for termination of the contract of sale. However, there is an excessive demand. DOMnaMORE.ru analyzed in detail the chronology of his behavior on the basis of portal visitors.
  • Residential real estate market in the U.S. lately feels more confident. According to recent statistics, in 2013 the growth in home sales compared with the previous year was 9.1%, reaching in its scope to a seven-year high.
  • Already last year the Bulgarian property market there were positive trends. But after a prolonged recession stability of this trend remained questionable.
  • The number of transactions for the sale of real estate in Cyprus, which recorded decline for the sixth consecutive year in 2013 was the lowest for the entire period of statistical surveys, beginning in 2000. And if you compare last year's sales with peaks of 2007, it was here that he fell "almost indecent" 80%.
  • If last year's expert forecasts for the Spanish market were mostly pessimistic, but this year their mood changed noticeably. Many commentators suggest that the negative trend in the coming year will come to naught
  • Literally just one of the leading operators in the Bulgarian real estate market BULGARIAN PROPERTIES published a report on the results of 2013 and forecasts for 2014.
  • With the accession of Croatia to the European Union in July this year is often associated positive expectations of general economic progress and the rapid growth of the local real estate market. However, six months later, there is not observed particularly noticeable economic growth nor the housing boom.
  • Five years ago the Bulgarian property market has entered into crisis. And if we can talk about some market stability, for all the past five years in Bulgaria remained stable only negative trend in housing prices and constantly decreasing the volume of its sales. But now, all the evidence suggests that the market finally stabilized and pushed his "bottom", went to the length of ...