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  • Land on the Azov Sea.
    The land under the individual building and a mini-hotel on the shore of the Azov Sea from 75 000 per hundred square meters.

  • Nereus Residence
    Апартаменты 118 м2 в новом, сдан в ноябре 2019 года, жилом комплексе Nereus Residence класса люкс первой линии.
  • ЖК "Си Лайф"
    Новый жилой комплекс на побережье Лонг Бич. Первая линия. Вид на море и горы.
  • Участки в Тамани
    Минимальная цена - 100 тыс. руб за сотку. Коммуникации включены в стоимость участка.
  • Свадьба в России

    Современные молодые выбирают выездную свадебную церемонию на природе. Это трогательное, красивое и  запоминающееся действие.

  • МФК Новосити
    Комплекс сдан! Первая линия, закрытая территория. Новороссийск

Статьи о недвижимости в России и за рубежом.

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  • Озеро Гарда остается одним из самых перспективно развивающихся регионов Италии по инвестициям в недвижимость из-за рубежа. За последние десятки лет местные курорты успели обзавестись недвижимостью в самых разных сегментах.
  • Crimean real estate is getting cheaper, and Krasnodar, expensive. Is it worth it now to look closely to the Russian coast?
  • Calculation of the global value of the property in 2015 gave a huge figure - $ 217 trillion, which is 2.7 times the world GDP and approximately 60% of the cost of traditional financial assets.
  • Villa ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine framed on the firm's wife and daughter
  • Options for obtaining a second citizenship for money, or, as they say, by the investment - a lot. But in this small review we have decided to bring only those countries where it can be done with minimal cost and without any additional conditions.
  • The Spanish construction industry, feeling the bottom, began to recover. Positive news from the country for the second year in a row. Let's see what and how much you can buy today in Spain.
  • The political and economic crisis in any part of the world - the best way to stir interest in the area of ​​real estate from our compatriots. Although not required, this interest should translate into the real deal.
  • Watching the trends of development of real estate market in recent years, experts say safe overcoming the crisis period in 2008 and a smooth entry into the crisis of the end of 2014 - 2015.
  • Gurzuf - a small village 20 minutes' drive from Yalta. Due to the mild climate, unique even for the Crimea, this village is considered the best place to live and vacation along the coast. A large number of buildings here makes it relevant to talk about the risks of transactions in the primary real estate market of the Crimea.
  • Currently, no federal or regional law does not provide for any exceptions when buying real estate in new buildings on the territory of the Republic of Crimea.
  • Buying property in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular among Russians. In this country you can buy an apartment or a villa on the beach at an affordable price. Editors portal DOMnaMORE.ru discussed the purchase of Marina Ivanova in commerce director of the Moscow representative office of the Turkish company Elite Group.
  • Not far off the summer, and with it a trip to the seaside resorts. Could be a resort "second home"? The phenomenon is more widespread in the West, has a chance in the near future and become a Russian-Crimean reality. We decided to find out what and how much you can buy in the Crimea, starting with Yalta.
  • Interest in real estate in the Crimea is huge. However, clearance sales transactions are still fraught with enormous difficulties.
  • Latvia is the top ten most popular countries from domestic buyers abroad. Let's see what the market offers real estate in this country.
  • Sochi is experiencing a surge in demand for real estate komfort- and business class. Experts advise everyone with an interest, hurry up: proposals quickly go, but the new not yet in sight.
  • Real estate in Latvia has stable demand among Russians. An investment of $ 250 thousand. Euro possible to obtain a residence permit in this country, then in the European Union. And even the small investment will become the owner of a multi-year Schengen visa.
  • Slovenia - a small Alpine republic on the shores of the Adriatic Sea takes place in the second ten rankings popular among Russian buyers places to buy a "second home" in Europe. The real estate market here is quite undeveloped, but buying a property allows you to quickly obtain a residence permit.
  • Complex «RoseDelMare» is unique in that it is one of the few buildings overlooking the market has already posleolimpiyskogo Sochi. Editorial DOMnaMORE.ru asked a few questions about the complex is Andrew Venidiktovu, Deputy Director General GlavRusStroy Invest.
  • Many residents of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, which had a dacha or "dacha" apartment in the Crimea, are seriously concerned. "After all, according to Russian law, a foreigner, to sell the apartment, will have to pay a tax of 30%. Do they need to hurry up and sell now? "- Asks Arthur Ksenofontov, founder of housing co-operative" Tauris ".
  • Making a residence permit in Montenegro from April 1 this year will be much easier. This is due to the onset of the new law on foreigners, the first version of which the local Ministry of Internal Affairs has developed a couple of years ago. A year later, the Montenegrin parliament approved the document.