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  • ЖК "Си Лайф"
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    Современные молодые выбирают выездную свадебную церемонию на природе. Это трогательное, красивое и  запоминающееся действие.

New buildings in Sochi and region


Residential complexes in Sochi and region

Apartments in new buildings Sochi

Could it be that the best real estate on the coast in the resort city of Sochi? Only cheap apartment in Sochi at the sea, the apartment in a newly built house! Why in a newly built? This is due to the fact that modern buildings are being built in Sochi, Russian Federation in the most beautiful and picturesque places in the city.

New Sochi from the builder meet the latest requirements of the architecture. This is a new apartment in the center of Sochi with the necessary infrastructure, houses an interesting configuration and different height.

Apartments in buildings under construction

If you are looking for modern apartments with all the engineering systems from the Internet to the telephone, you should buy an apartment in Sochi from the builder. Surprisingly, the real estate in new buildings Sochi concedes a similar apartment, say, in Moscow, and even exceed them! According to your taste, you can choose a studio apartment or a two-level apartment, there are a lot of proposals for cheap apartments economy class.

Choosing sell buildings in the center of Sochi, you get the healthful sea air, warm sea and gentle sun that shines here most of the year. Buy a new building in Sochi economy class stands as young people and older people. Everyone will find a suitable form of recreation that can be enjoyed without limiting itself in time.

Complete turnkey apartments

Search for an apartment can be built among the houses, and among the already finished apartments in new buildings. Sale of apartments in new buildings of Sochi begins during the construction of apartments and ends with the sale of apartments under the key.

To advantageous to buy square meters, it is necessary, first of all, contact the real estate agency to find out how many there are apartments in new buildings. Prices vary depending on the area, on the distance from the beach and the area. Agency experts will help select the best for the price. Flats can pick up and without intermediaries. Prices for such apartments can be found on our website.

New building that you buy in Sochi can always profitable to sell, because the Olympics coming in 2014, which means that real estate prices will only grow.