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Cottage settlements in Gelendzhik and region


Sales in cottage settlements Gelendzhik and region

Imagine that you live in a beautiful modern house near the sea. In the morning wake up to the singing of birds and the sound of the waves, you can see the sunrise, enjoy the beauty of nature. Now you can make this dream a reality, buying real estate in the resort area.

More and more people choose cottage villages Gelendzhik, getting here at home or apartment.

Customers say that their choices affect several important points:

  • convenient location;
  • proximity to the sea;
  • beautiful nature;
  • mild climate;
  • good ecological environment.

Kudos to purchase the cottage Gelendzhik

All homes in a cottage village built in Gelendzhik on the modern designs. They offer the highest level of comfort and can accommodate all year. Each house has amenities such as:

  • water;
  • sewerage;
  • gas;
  • electricity;
  • telephone, internet.

Near the town of Gelendzhik cottages have already been put into operation. Here you can buy modern houses on favorable terms. Living in a place like this is not only convenient, but also prestigious. You get all the benefits of city life, it does not feel her frantic rhythm and disadvantages. Buying real estate in the resort area, you invest in the future of their children, because every year the value of such property will increase.

And you get the added benefit - better health. Accommodation in the resort area is beneficial to health. The proximity of the sea and mountains, unique microclimate and fresh air doing their job. You will see how your children become more active, and parents and younger are animated directly in the face.

All cottage villages Gelendzhik located in convenient places. They established infrastructure, interwoven into the infrastructure of the city and the province. Protected the village, inside the modern paved roads and footpaths. For leisure and entertainment built courts and swimming pools, playgrounds and parks, provide restaurants and shopping centers, pharmacies and dry cleaning. One has only to want, and cottage by the sea can become reality!