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  • Свадьба в России

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Real estate for sale in Italy


Property in Italy

The pleasant mild climate, rich cultural and historical heritage - is what attracts foreigners Italy. In order to buy property in Italy, first of all, you need to decide what kind of accommodation you are interested in. Real Estate Agencies in Italy offers a huge selection of vintage objects, luxury real estate, before the acquisition of apartments in the city still in the construction phase, by the developer.

The cost of real estate in Italy

Property prices in Italy vary depending on the conditions of purchase. For housing, acquired for permanent residence, it is relatively cheap in comparison with elite real estate, purchased solely for recreation. The difference is taxes. Another factor affecting the cost of housing - is the location. Real estate in the north of Italy is cheaper when compared to how much is real estate in the south of Italy. This is due to the fact that in the case of acquisition of property in the south of the country, it will pay for itself quickly.

The cost of real estate in Italy is growing every year, so investing in real estate in this country a profitable business. And if the purpose of buying property are not living or holidays and renting, it will be more profitable to just buying an apartment from the developer. At the stage of construction of housing can be purchased much cheaper than ready-made apartment. If you choose should look not only to real estate in major historical cities, as the cost of rental housing will be almost equal, but when buying cost otnositelnonedorogo.

The process of buying property in Italy

Modern real estate agency provides all the necessary information on the acquisition of real estate in Italy. When making purchasing decisions, the Agency shall document that contains the price, the nature of the real estate, the amount of deposit and other conditions. Following, is a preliminary contract and make a payment in the amount of 10-20% of the value of sales. Final payment is made within 30-45 days. Agency Services and notary when buying an apartment or other property paid by buyer's side.

Finally, the acquisition of real estate in Italy, does not guarantee you the right to not obtaining a permit. Property owners in Italy, who are not citizens receive from the Embassy of the Schengen multivisa sample, it allows them to stay on the territory of Italy twice a year for three months.