Дома звезд в Подмосковье Квартиры знаменитостей в Москве

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  • Land on the Azov Sea.
    The land under the individual building and a mini-hotel on the shore of the Azov Sea from 75 000 per hundred square meters.

  • Свадьба в России

    Современные молодые выбирают выездную свадебную церемонию на природе. Это трогательное, красивое и  запоминающееся действие.

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  • Участки в Тамани
    Минимальная цена - 100 тыс. руб за сотку. Коммуникации включены в стоимость участка.
  • Свадьба в России

    Современные молодые выбирают выездную свадебную церемонию на природе. Это трогательное, красивое и  запоминающееся действие.

  • ЖК "Си Лайф"
    Новый жилой комплекс на побережье Лонг Бич. Первая линия. Вид на море и горы.

Real estate for sale in Finland


Property in Finland

  • The complex is a chamber that provides privacy residence - seven two-storey houses, each of which is located just two apartments.
  • The new complex - eight-story building, designed in a contemporary style. It proposes 31 apartments measuring 45 square meters start. meters.
  • The new house has six floors, it is sustained in the modern European style. During the construction of applied modern energy-saving technology to significantly reduce operating costs.
  • Historic seven-storey building carefully renovated while preserving the historic appearance and full replacement of engineering systems and communications.
  • The new complex - a five-story brick building that attracts the attention of a panoramic glass facades.
  • The new house designed in typical modern Finnish style - clean lines, light facades, large glazed balconies, terraces.
  • New house - the last of all large-scale project "Coast explorer." Location selected for it on the sea front in a picturesque natural rock - from the windows offer beautiful panoramic views.
  • The five-storey building, designed in strict minimalist style built on its own fenced area within walking distance from the city center and bus station.
  • The six-storey building of 36 fully finished apartments - modest from cozy studios to spacious four-room. Each has a spacious kitchen and a large balcony. You can find an apartment with a private sauna, or without it.
  • The house offers 63 spacious apartments - the area range from 81 to 142 square meters. meters. The biggest is easily rescheduled, allowing to arrange the living space at its discretion.

Buying property in Finland

Many people want to be closer to nature, having a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Finland - is a country where you can relax body and soul. Beautiful woods and mountains, numerous lakes, clean air will impress any tourist. Compared with other countries, the population of Finland are few, so for those who want more living space, peace and privacy, this is the place.

Buying property in Finland is not difficult. Under the law, citizens of other countries have the full right to own their own housing in this country. For long-term stay of immigrants is necessary to obtain a residence permit. Typically, this issue apply to the real estate agency. It will help with registration and home ownership. It takes is just a few days, and the contract is signed in strict compliance with the law.

A foreigner who owns real estate in Finland, is entitled to receive a Schengen multivisa.

"An added bonus" for buying property in Finland is the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan at 4-7% per annum for up to 25 years.


The cost of housing in Finland


In recent years, the number of real estate purchases by foreigners in Europe has increased considerably. Finland is no exception. Many investors (both individuals and legal entities) acquire luxury properties abroad for different purposes. This space can be used for restaurants, cafes, offices. Also, buying an apartment, house, land and suburban areas.

Finland and Russia are closely adjacent to one another, so the citizens of the Russian Federation, which have their own real estate in Finland, it is very convenient in terms of transport, you can get almost anywhere: bus, train or plane.

Now buy a house in Finland can be quite inexpensive. For comparison, the value of the house in Finland with a large plot of land near the lake and the shore is less than the cost of a conventional plot in Moscow suburbs.

Good and the option of buying a property from the developer. It is beneficial and no worse than buying ready-made housing. In this case the sale of real estate is carried at low prices, so for those who want to lower costs, is a great chance to buy cheap real estate in Finland.