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  • Nereus Residence
    Апартаменты 118 м2 в новом, сдан в ноябре 2019 года, жилом комплексе Nereus Residence класса люкс первой линии.
  • Land on the Azov Sea.
    The land under the individual building and a mini-hotel on the shore of the Azov Sea from 75 000 per hundred square meters.

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    Современные молодые выбирают выездную свадебную церемонию на природе. Это трогательное, красивое и  запоминающееся действие.

  • Участки в Тамани
    Минимальная цена - 100 тыс. руб за сотку. Коммуникации включены в стоимость участка.
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    Новый жилой комплекс на побережье Лонг Бич. Первая линия. Вид на море и горы.
  • МФК Новосити
    Комплекс сдан! Первая линия, закрытая территория. Новороссийск

Справка о Bulgaria


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  • The real estate market in Bulgaria at the end of summer
    The real state of any market of resort real estate is a good illustration of that period, which accounts for the main tourist activity. This year, a total market of the summer season in Bulgaria was very good.
  • Good news from the Balkans
    Just one of the leading players in the Bulgarian market the company BulgarianProperties published its report for the third quarter of 2012. In this document, the general director BulgarianProperties Nikola Stoyanov said that the first time in the last 4 years the real estate market data in Bulgaria appeared mostly positive.
  • Bulgarian market has gone into growth
    Already last year the Bulgarian property market there were positive trends. But after a prolonged recession stability of this trend remained questionable.

Properties: Bulgaria

In this Balkan country is now a real boom in demand for real estate Bulgaria overcome the crisis of the 90s and rapidly developing tourist industry. It is worth noting that before the 90s here was good rental and sale of real estate Bulgaria for the countries of the socialist camp was one of the main resorts, and in the 90s, because of certain circumstances, it has ceased to be.

But now everything has fallen into place: it is in full swing for sale, Bulgaria is trying to compete with other Balkan countries and the sea with Turkey, to raise the level of service. Apartments in Bulgaria among the Russians are in demand, and this is explained not only by their relatively low cost, but also the overall friendly atmosphere in the resort city. In our catalog you can find an apartment in Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea and mountain resorts.

Also represented in the catalog and other real estate, Bulgaria has good tourism potential that has not yet used at 100%. And it allows business representatives actively invest in real estate, Bulgaria, moreover, is now a member of the European Union, which further expands the opportunities for business.

With the help of the catalog on our website you will be able to find the properties to different criteria, Bulgaria is now replete with cottages, residential complexes and other objects that you can use in the tourism industry. Real estate abroad, including here, for many European and Russian businessmen was a good method of business development. At the same time the country's laws do not create insurmountable obstacles to foreigners who buy real estate, Bulgaria and does not interfere with their activities. In addition to the list of objects for sale and rent on our website you will find information on the legislation, controlling properties, Bulgaria in this regard is limited to several legal acts. A foreigner and a citizen of the country have the same rights when investing, including in real estate, Bulgaria allows foreigners to buy property right of buildings. Some foreigners seeking Bulgarian citizenship, and the first step to getting this property, Bulgaria has become a second home for many people from Eastern Europe and the CIS.